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Demand and Supply of a Product and Factors that Affect †Samples

Question: Talk about the Demand and Supply of a Product of your Choice and Factors that Affect the Demand and Supply Sides of the Market. Answer: This article dominatingly looks at the deferred hang in the economy in the United States as needs be of a diminishing in the oil business because of the declined oil cost and provoking liquidations. The observational conviction is that oil costs have dropped out and out through the range of the past some time, as communicated in this article. A basic activity of the monetary nuts and bolts of the laws of free market action by request and flexibly can be used to explain this rule. Request just as gracefully assumes a critical job in this article as the drop in the costs influences the interest because of a development along the interest bend, prompting another balance position being framed. The law of flexibly communicates that there is a positive causal connection between the amount of the great provided over a specific timeframe and its cost, ceteris paribus[1], consequently, the overall gracefully remains high. Simultaneously, it is found in the article that huge creators like Saudi Arabia alluding to no reducing age and the overall economy directing, anticipating that the market should remain in unrest until 2017 all through. With a development in the making of oil, the flexibly fabricates, therefore provoking a fall in the worth degrees of oil. This can be handily observed on the interest gracefully chart by a move or a development along the interest bend. An ascent in the gracefully in Fig.1 is noticeable by a development along the interest bend from A to B followed by a rightward move of the flexibly bend from S1 to S2. The move would influence the balance cost just as the balance amount, bringing about an expansion in the harmony amount and a fall in the balance cost. The hub of the outline have been named to show the cost just as the amount of the oil in barrels and bolts demonstrate the adjustment in the value which is found in Dollars along the Y hub. As appeared in Fig.1, in light of a development in the flexibly, an overflow would be made as the amount provided (Q2) is more noteworthy than the amount requested (Q1). Where the general gracefully is more prominent than the general interest, a creation surplus happens and besides makes the costs be balanced descending so as to adjust the excess that has been made. Meanwhile, all in all, if there is a huge responsiveness of amount requested, request is alluded to as being value versatile; if there is a little responsiveness, request is cost inelastic.[2] This applies for the sum gave as well. The solicitation, and moreover the flexibly of oil, is cost inelastic as oil is a fundamental extraordinary asset and no monetarily effective different alternatives to oil have been found at this point. This suggests in the short run, a climb in the expense of oil would provoke a practically zero fall in the sum mentioned and accommodated oil. By and large, an extended gracefully of oil would p rovoke an extension in the enthusiasm for oil eventually, bringing the expense just as the amount requested back to the balance, along these lines achieving the best results for the best improvement of the economy. As the cost level is set over the harmony amount (An), an oversupply-additionally knows as an overflow would create an exorbitant measure of the great or the administration to be delivered both in the short just as the since a long time ago run. As per the law of interest, there is a negative causal connection between the cost of a decent and its amount requested, ceteris paribus.[3] Over a time period, an excess would enable firms to diminish expenses and gracefully less, extending the interest for the product and adventures and from this time forward returning the balance forthright (A). In this way, the sum gave would lessen until the amount requested equivalents the amount provided, getting rid of the excess and therefore developing a market balance which is where the amount requested equivalents amount provided, and there is no inclination at the cost to change.[4] Besides, as communicated in the article, there has been a slight drop in oil costs from $100 a barrel in late 2014 to just around $30 per week back. This has prompted the drop not simply impacting the close by producers in the economy anyway the remote oil creators moreover. A fall in the expenses of oil would provoke an extension in the joblessness levels as the enthusiasm for the pros in the business would fall, inciting a mishap in the amount of occupations in the business. In any case, those used in ventures that rely upon oil as their imperativeness source would encounter a development in work in light of a fall in the expense of creation and in this manner an extension in the flexibly, thusly extending the general age. This would additionally prompt a progression of drawn-out and chaotic insolvencies, inciting a lower run of the mill typical cost for basic items for essential things for the partners which would, in this manner, lessen their pay. A lower age pay that before woul d, thusly, bring about an extended load on the pay of the economy impacting the associations and furthermore the individuals in the economy, prompting different results which would influence the economy all in all. With everything taken into account, to clarify the job of interest in an economy, the measure of a thing that people will buy depends on upon its expense. You're routinely anxious to buy less significantly a thing when costs rise and indeed a thing when costs fall. When in doubt, we find things all the more engaging at lower expenses, and we buy more at lower costs considering the way that our pay goes empower. Using this method of reasoning, we can fabricate a solicitation twist that shows the measure of a thing that will be mentioned at different expenses. Reference index: Tragakes, Ellie, Economics for the IB Diploma-Second Edition (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012) Staff, Investopedia. Oversupply. Investopedia. June 11, 2010. Gotten to May 10, 2016. Tragakes, Ellie. Financial aspects for the IB Diploma. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009., 26. Tragakes, Ellie. Financial aspects for the IB Diploma. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009., 22. Tragakes, 31.

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Competitive Strategy for Pharmaceutical Patent -myassignmenthelp

Question: Examine about theCompetitive Strategy for Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst. Answer: Presentation Upper hand of an organization is alluded to the influence it has over its rivals which is created by offering better and more prominent worth. So as to create an upper hand, pioneers center around actualize business arrangements that depend on qualities of the undertaking. While actualizing business approaches for creating an upper hand, pioneers need to assess the earth in which the organization or its items/administrations tasks. Successful assessment of the earth helps the executives in making business strategies that give the organization an upper hand. This article will assess SWOT investigation, Porters Five Forces system and PESTLE examination dependent on pharmaceutical, the travel industry and farming industry individually. This exposition will concentrate on Wesfarmers Limited, Qantas Airways, and Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries. SWOT Analysis The SWOT examination is a helpful apparatus that helps with distinguishing qualities, shortcomings, openings, and dangers of a specific organization or its item/administration. The model was initially evolved during the 1960s, and it has stayed unaltered in the vital administration field (Culp et al., 2016). This model helps administrators in building up their business techniques by surveying distinctive outer and inner elements that influence hierarchical execution. The elements in an outer domain incorporate government enactment, social desire, evolving patterns, and rivalry. Interestingly, inward condition factors incorporate hierarchical culture, human asset capacities, adequacy of approaches and initiative ability (Roghanian, Ghorbani, and Alipour, 2018). The model is utilized by various administrative work force in an organization at different levels. For instance, the directorate and official officials use SWOT system while actualizing future business methodologies. Then again , low and medium level directors use SWOT examination while taking independent venture choices while performing every day undertakings. A case of Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries (API) is utilized so as to actualize SWOT investigation. The organization works in the pharmaceutical area, and it is engaged with assembling, dispersion and retailing of pharmaceutical, wellbeing and excellence items. Its qualities remember the biggest discount merchant of pharmaceuticals for Australia, offered a wide scope of administrations, numerous milestone items, specialty player in the over-the-counter market, and great generally speaking development rate (Almarsson, Peterson and Zaworotko, 2012). Its shortcomings incorporate Sigma takeover contentions, asserted bookkeeping inconsistencies, the industry is ruled by three key players, Sigma, Symbion Health and API and the organization may lose center from its principle items on the off chance that it branches into new markets. Its chances remember scope for advancement of individual consideration territory, stripping of pharmaceutical resources for concentrating on center abiliti es, and development in mindfulness about social insurance. Dangers remember changes for pharmaceuticals evaluating plan, exchange obstructions may hurt net revenues of the firm and rigid principles against clinical tests. Watchman Five Force Framework It is an important device planning to break down the prompt serious condition of an organization. It is an industry investigations system which considers explicit powers that decide rivalry in an opposition (The Economic Times, 2018). The impact of these five variables encourages financial potential and seriousness of a division. Ventures share same qualities and the five powers model helps with distinguishing speculation appeal, the effect of fundamental drivers and appraisal of the benefit capability of organizations. The powers incorporate the danger of passage, the danger of substitutes, the intensity of purchasers, the intensity of providers and the serious contention. The assessment of these five basic variables helps with summing up the most significant standards to consider for examining a particular industrys key drivers of accomplishment (Zhao et al., 2016). The top-level administrative staff utilizes this model while entering another division or propelling another item in the market. A case of Qantas Airways is utilized so as to actualize Porters five powers model. The enterprise works in movement and the travel industry, and it offers aircraft administrations to its clients. The organization additionally empowers its travelers to book the travel industry bundles straightforwardly from its sites, and it is third most visited the travel industry sites in Australia. The haggling intensity of purchasers in the business is high on the grounds that countless neighborhood and universal aircrafts work in the business and clients can undoubtedly switch between them without extra costs (Chen and Muzi, 2013). The bartering intensity of providers is high on the grounds that Boeing and Airbus are the essential airplane producer, and they can undoubtedly bring airplane costs up in the segment. The danger of substitutes is low since air travel is the fasters and more agreeable choice than its choices, for example, transport, train, and vehicle. The danger of new section is low er due to high beginning venture costs and exacting administrative prerequisites (Sarina and Wright, 2015). The competition among existing firms is generously high on the grounds that some ease aircrafts have entered the market which has decreased the benefits of Qantas. The contention has likewise expanded in view of merger and procurement in the business. PESTLE Analysis A PESTLE investigation helps organizations in breaking down six of the key outer elements that impact a business and choices taken by the administration. The outside components incorporate political, monetary, sociological, mechanical, lawful and natural. The model evaluates the potential effect of these components on a partnership. Along these lines, organizations can get ready deliberately for any future changes by monitoring the outer market which gives them an upper hand (Fozer et al., 2017). The model empowers associations to decide the present job and status of the organization corresponding to its rivals and gathered market data that helps the executives in making future improvement systems. The way toward gathering significant data that aids the advancement of business methodologies is called key review, and a PESTLE investigation helps the board in directing key review of the outside condition of the enterprise. This apparatus is utilized by senior level administrative work force to comprehend the present situation of the organization in the market and dependent on such data making future methodologies for supporting the development of the endeavor. A case of Wesfarmers Limited will be utilized for breaking down PESTLE investigation. The organization is a combination which works in various segments, for example, retailing, horticulture, coal mining, synthetic compounds, and others. This PESTLE investigation will concentrate on farming activities of Wesfarmers. Political steadiness and commitment of horticulture area to 3 percent of the countrys economy is valuable for the organization (National Farmers Federation, 2017). The steady economy of Australia adds to the development of agribusiness activities of Wesfarmers; be that as it may, the organization faces higher compensation costs than contrasted with different countries. The mindfulness with respect to new and wellbeing food items is developing, and clients want to purchase Australian developed items which are helpful for Wesfarmers since its agribusiness activities are arranged in Australia. The organization utilizes diverse present day advancements in its horticulture acti vities, for instance, it has propelled Decipher which is Google Earth Engine based business cultivating administration which uses satellite pictures, preparing power and geospatial information for giving inside and out vegetation examination (Thompson, 2017). The partnership agrees to Australian Agriculture approaches so as to guarantee that its food items are not perilous for individuals, and they are made without hurtful manures. The organization has likewise actualized continuing horticulture program in which it has teamed up with Carbon Trust Company which help it in decreasing its carbon emanations (Wesfarmers, 2018). All in all, various instances of organizations from businesses, for example, pharmaceuticals, the travel industry, and agribusiness are talked about for understanding the job of methodology improvement instruments, for example, PESTLE examination, Porters five powers structure and SWOT investigation. Each instrument empowers the board to assess outer, inside or the two elements which impact their business and the data gathered by the devices permit the administration to make vital approaches. Viable utilization of these instruments helps organizations in getting present and future factors that influence their business and empower them to make vital strategies for supporting their future development. References Almarsson, ., Peterson, M.L. also, Zaworotko, M. (2012) The a to z of pharmaceutical cocrystals: a time of quick moving new science and patents.Pharmaceutical patent analyst,1(3), pp.313-327. Chen, Z.H. also, Muzi, H.E. (2013) A Casebased Analytical Study on the Strategic Evaluation of Common Equity Performance of SIA in a Global Organic Environment.Journal of Contemporary Management,1(1). Culp III, K., Eastwood, C., Turner, S., Goodman, M. also, Ricketts, K.G. (2016) Using a SWOT Analysis: Taking a Look at Your Organization [2016]. Network and Economic Development Publications, 3, p. 1. Fozer, D., Sziraky, F.Z., Racz, L., Nagy, T., Tarjani, A.J., Toth, A.J., Haaz, E., Benko, T. also, Mizsey, P. (2017) Life cycle, PESTLE and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis of CCS process alternatives.Journal of Cleaner Production,147, pp.75-85. National Farmers Federation. (2017) Farm Facts. [Online] National Farmers Federation. Accessible at: facts.html [Accessed on 17 April 2018]. Roghanian, E., Ghorbani, B. also, Alipour, M. (2018) Applicati

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Easy Essay Topics to Write About

Easy Essay Topics to Write AboutEasy essay topics to write about include religion, social studies, history, geography, science, world geography, government, economics, law, psychology, language, music, and more. As you begin your research, it is likely that you will find that some topics are easier than others. For example, some subjects are easier to write about because of the real life experience of the writer. While other topics are easier to write about because they do not require a great deal of skill on the part of the writer.The easiest essay topics to write about are religious subjects. These topics are the easiest for a wide variety of reasons. The first reason is that religion is such a personal and intimate subject. Religion gives us a feeling of security and helps us cope with situations that we might otherwise be faced with.In addition, easy essay topics to write about include a variety of stories related to religion. Stories such as the story of St. Jerome's conversion to Christianity or the story of Christ. Stories such as these help us to understand the lives of those who follow a religion or celebrate a religious holiday.One of the easiest topics to write about would be a simple paragraph describing a typical day in a typical family. You may be able to include a short biography of the family, or perhaps a short anecdote about each member of the family. The most important thing is that you try to give the reader a sense of what it is like to live the life of that family.While easy essay topics to write about religion might seem to be a great idea, there are many writers who feel it would be difficult to write a paper. When you think about it, why would you need to write a paper about something that you can understand already? You might say that you would like to write a paper about the family but find it impossible to write about your own family? Perhaps this would be true for the past or the present and possibly not for the future.Even though i t may seem impossible to write about anything that is out of the ordinary, the easiest essay topics to write about may be that of an essay. If you can find an essay topic that is related to the topic of your choice, then you have made it. In fact, with online writing, there are a variety of free online essay topics to write about.If you have a difficult time figuring out what topic to choose, then you should look at some writing resources. These resources provide you with helpful tips and suggestions on how to write a successful essay.It can be very difficult to write an essay and you may even be the type of person who has difficulty writing at all. If you find that you do not have the ability to write, or that it takes too much time to write, then you should consider online writing. This way, you can learn how to write an essay without having to sit in front of a computer for hours on end.

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A Beautiful Friendship Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin

The 60th anniversary of one of the most fateful events in world history went unremarked this week. On Aug. 23, 1939 Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin agreed to what became known as the Nazi-Soviet nonaggression pact. With that, Stalin made World War II possible. Assured that he was protected from Soviet counter-aggression in the East, Hitler invaded Poland a week later, Sept. 1. The signal that something was up between the two totalitarian powers had come some four months earlier but European chancelleries overlooked it. For on May 3, 1939 came the startling news that the Soviet Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov had resigned at his own request. Litvinov, of Jewish origin and strongly anti-Nazi, had been replaced by Vyacheslav Molotov. His†¦show more content†¦Thus the anti-Nazi parties were rebuffed, on Stalins orders, when in 1932 they appealed to the German Communist Party to form a united front against the Nazis. In other words, Stalin wanted the Nazis in power because in a few years, so he believed, they would be ousted and Germany would eventually fall into his lap. Revisionist historians have been trying to sell a fairy-tale that Communist Party members wanted nothing but good for the working-class. Their demurrer: only a handful were spies for Stalin. But these mainstream historians ignore the ignominious role the Communist Party played during those crucial months of the Nazi-Soviet Pact when France fell in 1940 and Britain stood alone. French Communist Party members sent anonymous letters to soldiers on the Maginot Line detailing the fictitious amours of supposedly adulterous wives. In America the communists fought conscription; communist-controlled CIO unions called strikes against aircraft factories to prevent shipment to France or England of warplanes they had paid for. The Daily Worker called it the Second Imperialist War, the Soviet dismemberment of Poland an action taken in the cause of world peace. Earl Browder, Communist Party leader, called FDR an unlimited military dictator who had adopted the techniques of Adolf Hitler. Congress wa s called the Hitler Reichstag. And then overnight the Second Imperialist War became a Peoples War, when on June 22, 1941, Hitler invaded the USSR -Show MoreRelatedOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagescollectivist over the religious, the commercial, and the individualist. They annihilated cathedrals, abbeys, fortifications, and ceremonial gates and towers and did their utmost to erect idols to themselves and their creed (1995, 3–4). In 1928, as Stalin introduced the first of his five-year plans for Russian economic development, primarily through industrialization, and began to do away with private farms by collectivizing agriculture in the 1930s, rural people fled the countryside and migrated

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Shakespeare and Kingship - 1614 Words

In writing his history plays, Shakespeare was actually commenting on what he thought about the notion of kingship. Through his plays, he questions the divine right of kings, which the kings and the aristocracy used heavily in their favour to win the peoples love. In Macbeth, King Richard II and King Henry IV part 1, Shakespeare shows us his opinion of kingship in general. Although the plays are written about individual kings, I think that Shakespeare used the plays as an opportunity to voice his opinion on kings and kingship in general. This was assisted by the fact that he was not prohibited by the true events, because it is well known that all of Shakespeares plays were written purely for entertainment value, not as a historical†¦show more content†¦However, Macbeth has been tricked by the witches because MacDuff is able to kill him because he was From his mothers womb | Untimely rippd Because of the witches prophecies, Macbeth thought that he was assured the power of king, knowing that the only way he could be brought down was when Great Birnam wood [comes to] to high Dunsinane hill , something Macbeth was sure could not ever happen. He was also told that none of woman born | Shall harm Macbeth , and Macbeth did not think that it was possible that anyone could not have been born from a woman. Macbeth was told all these things by apparitions which the witches had shown him, and he believed them, probably because it was what he wanted to believe - that he could not be harmed by anyone, that his demise would never happen. Macbeth was so sure that he could not be defeated that he totally disregarded the people, killing people at a whim, and he did not ever think that they would go against him and eventually overthrow and kill him. In Richard II, Richard totally ignores the common people, to an even larger extent than Macbeth did. The people came to hate Richard because he paid no attention at all to them, did nothing to support them and then bankrupted the entire country by spending money on his favourites, who were already rich aristocrats. The people resented this, and I think that Richards total disregard for the common people allowed Bolingbroke to step inShow MoreRelated Shakespeare And Kingship Essay1595 Words   |  7 PagesShakespeare And Kingship In writing his history plays, Shakespeare was actually commenting on what he thought about the notion of kingship. Through his plays, he questions the divine right of kings, which the kings and the aristocracy used heavily in their favour to win the peoples love. In Macbeth, King Richard II and King Henry IV part 1, Shakespeare shows us his opinion of kingship in general. Although the plays are written about individual kings, I think that Shakespeare used the playsRead MoreShakespeare - His View on Kingship1600 Words   |  7 PagesShakespeares ideas towards kingship can be seen throughout the play. He shows that a king should be chosen by divine right and shows the attributes of what a good king should be. The play ‘Macbeth is set in medieval Scotland at the fictional time of King Duncan. Scotland is currently at war with the Norwegians when news of their victory comes through, with thanks to the two leaders of the army Macbeth and Banquo. On their travel home Macbeth and Banquo stumble upon some old hags, and they predictRead MoreEssay on Shakespeare, Kingship, and the Chain of Being in Macbeth814 Words   |  4 PagesShakespeare, Kingship, and the Chain of Being in Macbeth Shakespeares play Macbeth is largely based upon the theme of kingship. Macbeth was written for James the 1st, who would have been interested in kingship and believed in the chain of being and the divine right of kings. The chain of being is the belief that everything is connected like a chain, and is affected by anything above it. God was believed to be at the top of the chain, and the King was believedRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Richard II1543 Words   |  7 PagesSamantha Van Dine Richard Spacek ENGL 3250 September 24, 2015 Richard II, William Shakespeare Richard II is a play written by William Shakespeare in the closing stages of the 16th Century. It is based on Richard II and his scheme of taking the throne of England. Richard II is a carefully balanced play, characterized by precise and formal arrangements of characters and actions. This balance is enhanced by various parallel incidents which are included in the themes, plots, and the nature of theRead MoreTheme Of Kingship In Macbeth938 Words   |  4 PagesShakespeare employs a similar technique under the rule of James I through the prevalent theme of kingship throughout Macbeth, demonstrating the tyranny of the fictional Scottish King as the antithesis of the English monarch. Disassociation is established throughout the play as Macbeth is instead affiliated with the Bolingbroke dynasty, upholding the Tudor myth. This is achieved primarily through illegitimacy to the throne as unworthiness leads to tyranny, and ultimately, monarchical abuse (McCauliffRead MoreBlind Violence and Desire in Macbeth Essay802 Words   |  4 Pagesbook but not all for the same motive. Macbeth commits several acts of violence in the book due to his desire for the kingship of Scotland. Macbeth starts to desire the kingship of Scotland after the three witches tell him of the future. The witches tell Macbeth he will become the king of Scotland, but they do not tell him how he will become king. Macbeth starts to desire the kingship after: This supernatural soliciting Cannot be ill, cannot be good. If ill, Why hath it given me earnest ofRead MoreExploration of Shakespeares Views on Kingship Through Macbeth950 Words   |  4 PagesExploration of Shakespeares Views on Kingship Through Macbeth Works Cited Not Included Macbeth was written by William Shakespeare in around 1606 and is Shakespeares shortest tragedy. He wrote Macbeth whilst James I was on the throne. James believed strongly in divine right. This may have helped Shakespeares views on kingship. In Macbeth there are four Read MoreKingship and Leadership in William Shakespeares King Lear Essay1452 Words   |  6 PagesKingship and Leadership in William Shakespeares King Lear Jonathon Dollimore (1984) focuses on Lear’s identity throughout the play. ‘What makes Lear the person he is, is not kingly essence, but among other things, his authority and his family. As the play progresses Lear is forced to question his identity. â€Å"Does anyone hear know me?†¦Who is it that can tell me who I am?†. Dollimore believes King Lear is about power, poverty and inheritance. Shakespeare focusesRead MoreMacbeth Character Analysis Essay762 Words   |  4 Pagesexposed in his words in act 4 scene 1: â€Å"Time, thou anticipatest my dread exploits: / The flighty purpose never is oertook / Unless the deed go with it; from this moment / The very firstlings of my heart shall be / The firstlings of my hand.† (Shakespeare 4.1.162-166). His evil character, which changed after becoming a king, matches with his understanding of kingly rule – he believes that king can do anything even though it is a dread exploit. Even though Macbeth becomes a king of Scotland, he feelsRead MoreHenry’s Use of Language in Act IV, Scene 1 of William Shakespeares Henry V1298 Words   |  6 PagesHenry to become introspective, analysing himself as a leader and conveying to the audience his complex positions during this troubling time through a range of linguistic features used in the soliloquy. Throughout the soliloquy Shakespeare uses repetition to emphasise the demands of Henry’s kingly responsibilities. Through his conflicting impulses he repeats words to make sense of his troubling emotions. The repetition of the familiar possessive pronoun ‘our’ can be found

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Marijuana Legalization - 1212 Words

Marijuana Legalization COMP 1500 April 20th, 2009 Word Count: 807 Outline I. Introduction Thesis Statement: Although America is the land of the free you do not really have too many free choices you can make. Americans should have the right to choose whether or not marijuana should be legal. II. Background III. The tax benefits that can be created A. If legalized they can tax it how ever much they want B. Can be regulated IV. Drug enforcement money can be diverted. A. Can help other needy departments that lack money. B. Keep the court system and jails less full for real criminals V. It’s no more harmful then alcohol or tobacco A. Must use it in moderation. B. If abused it can cause†¦show more content†¦Therefore; giving the government more money to spend on different governmental agencies that are in need of the extra cash flow. Not only would it give us more money for other departments but it would also keep are court systems less crowded and jails freer. â€Å"Many consider the War on Drugs an expensive failure. Resources for DEA, FBI, and border security are only the tip of the iceberg. You must add in the cost of police officers, judges, public defenders, prosecutors, juries, court reporters, prison guards, and so on. Legalization of marijuana would free up those people to concentrate on more important things like terrorism, harder drugs, rape, murder, and so on† (Should marijuana be legalized). Marijuana is proven not to be more harmful then tobacco, or alcohol if used with self-control. â€Å"Most doctors would agree that its not very harmful if used in moderation. Its only when you abuse the drug that problems start to occur† (Should marijuana be legalized). But isn’t that true if you abuse anything problems start to occur? For example if alcohol, coffee, or food just to name a few are abused you could develop serious health conditions. But would you want the government to tell you how much food you could eat or how much alcohol you can consume when you go out? People should be able to make their own dictions when it comes to their health. So what makes marijuana anyShow MoreRelatedThe Risk Of Legalization Of Marijuana Essay722 Words   |  3 PagesThe risk of Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana, as we know, is a kind of drug. According to Thompson (2015), marijuana is not only one kind of drug, but also can be used as a medicinal material. The reason it can be a medicinal substance is that marijuana has a curative affect of relieving pain. Despite different states having a variety of regulations about the usage of marijuana, there is always one rule that is unified, which is the medicinal usage of marijuana must be approved by the FDA—theRead MoreThe Issue Of Legalization Of Marijuana958 Words   |  4 PagesIt’s not as bad as smoking or drinking alcohol! The government knows what’s good for us! You can’t overdose on marijuana! Public schools told me â€Å"Be Healthy, don’t do drugs.† Arguments such as these are always thrown back and forth when going into a controversial conversation dealing with legalization of marijuana. Many people are on both ends of the spectrum when dealing with the legalization some may personall y be involved due to run-ins with the law, family related issues, or personal beliefs. InRead MoreLegalizing The Legalization Of Marijuana1012 Words   |  5 Pagesdiscourage is a way to fix the problem. Evident by Colorado and Washington, â€Å"the legalization of marijuana can stop most of these possession arrests† (Levine). After the first opening of the first retail marijuana stores on January 1, 2014, Colorado had decreased crime rates, decreased traffic fatalities and increase in economic output (DPA). Since 2010, the marijuana possession arrest have went down 84% since its legalization. The tactic of legalizing, controlling, and discouraging has been proposed byRead MoreThe Legalization of Marijuana Essay1178 Words   |  5 PagesThere has been a debate over the legalization of marijuana since it was made illegal in the 1920s. There are opponents on both sides of the issue. There are many benefits to the legalization of marijuana, but there are also detrimental effe cts to society that are caused by marijuana use. These issues need to be debated to determine if the legalization of marijuana would benefit the United States. According to a 2003 Zogby poll, â€Å"the government should treat marijuana more or less the same way it treatsRead MoreLegalization of Marijuana Essay954 Words   |  4 PagesLegalization of Marijuana The only way in which a human being can make some approach to knowing the whole of any subject is by hearing what can be said about it by persons of every variety of opinion and studying all modes in which in can be looked at by every character of mind. No wise man ever acquired his wisdom in any mode but this. - John Stuart Mill (Mill. 7). The topic of legalizing marijuana is a very conservational issue in American politics today. There are many good arguments bothRead MoreLegalization of Medical Marijuana Essay863 Words   |  4 PagesMedical Marijuana: A Topic Leaving People Up in Smoke Renee Grant ENC 1101-1002 Professor Bahle March 30, 2013 Medical Marijuana: A Topic Leaving People Up in Smoke Medical marijuana has been an ongoing fight between the federal government, physicians and patients. Contrary to many beliefs, marijuana, whether it is used for medical reasons or recreational is non-lethal. It has been proven to be useful in many medical conditions. There hasRead MoreThe Legalization Of Marijuana Should Not Be Beneficial1240 Words   |  5 PagesThe legalization of marijuana is such a growing debate in the United States, whether it’s on television, in the classroom, or in your own kitchen; you may find yourself debating about it with someone. You are either for it, against it, or indifferent. Either way you still have an opinion of some sort about the legalization of marijuana. Christopher Beach and William Bennett are no different. The release of their article on called â€Å"Legalize Juggernaut† on timing is perfect sinceRead MoreThe Truth Behind Marijuana Legalization1462 Words   |  6 PagesBehind Marijuana Marijuana is arguably the most controversial drug in history. In general, when someone hears the word â€Å"drugs† they think of a terrible substance that will destroy the human body. However bringing up marijuana, many people think of different things. Some think of a degenerate hippie, but many Americans simply do not know what to think, and bringing up the legalization of the substance is even more controversial. There is a large group of people that believe the legalization of marijuanaRead MoreThe Legalization Of Marijuana And Marijuana Essay1314 Words   |  6 PagesMarijuana or Cannabis is one of the bused drugs in America and the rest of the world. Interesting accumulating evidence show that the significant negative impact of this drug outweighs the positive effects. However, the medical benefits of the drug seem on the process of chemical compounds as compared to the drug itself. Medical debates show that chemical compound in marijuana are the problem as compared to the plant. The said chemical compound affects the mental and physical health of the personsRead MoreEssay on Speech on Legalization of Marijuana in Brazil870 Words   |  4 PagesSpeech on Legalization of Marijuana in Brazil Good morning class mates. Today I am going to discuss the legalization of marijuana in Brazil. I strongly believe marijuana should be legalized. I am not here to encourage anyone to use or not use marijuana. Yet I do believe that many current problems may and can be solved by its legalization. Marijuana is the most popular drug in Brazil after tobacco and alcohol. Discrimination is the reason why marijuana has still

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The Strategic Role of UAE Space Agency in Promoting National Security

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Role of UAE Space Agency in Promoting National Security - An Insight to The Future. Answer: Overview The United Arab Space Agency was established in the year 2014 under the supervision and funding of UAE government. The main purpose of the agency is to provide the world class sustainable development and work in collaboration with various types of research and development agency. The strategic goal of the agency is to develop the world class space development program that can help in the purpose of promoting the scientific research work (Marpu 2017). One of the major part of the strategic program is the development of the space program is the development of the national security protocol by the UAE armed force. This is achieved by the mode of better level of communication using the different forms of satellite. The space program is also planning to implement the strategic command program for the control of the satellites that will help in the purpose of the better level of communication. The access of the space program is highly essential for the development of the national security as it can help in the process of tracking about all types of external threats that can come from illegal activities or terrorism from other nations. The space agency also plays significant role in the part of the predicting the weather and all types of natural disasters. In the given context, the current research work will aim to highlight upon the strategic role that is played by the UAE space agency in dealing and promoting with the matters related to that of national security. The main area of the research will highlight the future role and strategy of the space agency that will be implicated to advance the level of national security. Research Questions Following are the key research questions To explore the role of space agency in dealing with the matters related with that of national security. To explore the role of space agency in development of future strategies related with that of national security of UAE. To explore the role of partnership of the UAE space agency in the matters related with that of the national security. The objectives that can be drawn from the research questions are as follows: Critical examination of the strategy that are developed by the UAE space agency that help to promote the national security. Determination of the future strategies that are developed by the UAE space agency in the matters of future of the national security. Examination of the role of partnership by the UAE space agency for the development of the national security. Relevant Literature Strategy Management for Internal Security Thestrategic management is related with the path that are being followed within an organization or achieve the organizational goals. According to Alnaser et al. (2017), every strategy that are implemented need to carefully analyze the external environment to ensure maximum benefit can be achieved. It is also essential for the organization to properly develop the framework of the strategy that will help them to develop a proper path for the process of implementation. As mentioned by Jang, (2016), one of the main characteristics of an effective strategy related to that of the internal security is to collect relevant data and analyze the external threats. Themanagement and governance is the primary components of the strategic framework that helps to deal with matters of security. This is needed to deal with most of the internal and external forms of risks. It is also essential to make use of the risks assessment tools that will depend upon the nature of the external threats and risks that are involved within the position. As it is possible to deal with the major components of the threats and identify the same, in the following steps, it is essential to implement standard policy. This will aim to deal with the neutralize all forms of threats by following the security protocols. The policies will also help in the purpose of the dealing with the information and the procedures that are to be followed for getting the proper information. It is also essential to socialize the procedures that are related with that of the security protocols (Meraj et al. 2016). The development of the compliance is also one of the major components of the strategy framework. The goal of this procedure is to develop the cultural awareness within an organization or agency that can help to define all types of policies that are previously implicated. The security awareness program is also another major component of that is needed to justify all forms of policy that are previously implicated. The security assurance is the following steps for the strategy development program that is needed to provide a better forms of road maps within the organization. It is also important to deal with risk exposure and all types of environmental changes that has the potential to identify all forms of threats. It is also essential to deal with all types of threats that is evident for the future. In the following step, it is necessary to review all types of incidents that has the potential to compromise upon the internal security of a nation. These may include review of the terroris m and other forms of violent activities. It is also important to generate some rapid response activities in the context of the situation analysis. The basis of quick response can also be generated from all types of actions that has the potential to deal with major activities related with security threats. The importance of the performance metric is the final components of the strategic plan. This is also important to monitor the effectiveness of the theories that are being implemented as a part of the security measures (Al-Khouri et al. 2014). UAE Space Agency One of the major intention of the space program that has been initiated by the government agency in UAE is to establish their power within the world forums. The major part of the project was launched in July 2014 with the public announcement of the Hope Mars Mission (Benmamoun et al. 2016). This makes UAE the only nation in the Arabian region, who has been able to establish a space agency in the international forum. The geographical location of the nation is also ideally suited for the future prospect of the space program. The location in the southeastern edge of the Persian Gulf will help to deal with all major types of launch programs that are associated with that of the satellites. There are also the expansive deserts and several miles of coast lines that provide with the opportunity of safe rocket launch. There is also the advantage of the position near the equators that help in them to easily position the satellites in accordance with the spin of the Earth. This means that there is less requirement of the upper push that is needed in case of the rocket launch. This will help in the matters of less fuel expense (Young 2017). The financing of the space program is done from the government and private agencies, who has provided near about $5.2 billion (Al-Khouri et al. 2014). The chairperson of Al Masakari Holding, Sheikha Al Maskari is able to provide encouragement to the work of the space agency. She is able to make use of her communication skills in the department of marketing and is able to use the opportunity to deal with the space program. By the year 2020, the agency is planning to send human pilot within the space development program. The main of the program is develop sustainability within the space program that is needed to send men in the space program. By the end quarter of 2018 the government is planning to initiate the space development program by giving training to the astronauts. This will then help the space program to decide for the candidates for sending within the outer space. The agency will also set up partnership with the Russian International Space Station (Leloglu and Kocaoglan 2008 ). Promotion of National Security Currently the internal security of UAE is facing huge challenges due to the increased threats of terrorism. From the very origin of the nation the small sized population of the region seems to be one of the biggest challenges for the government. The increased number of cases of the mining activities also seems to be major cause of concerns for the security within the nations (Jang 2016). The planning for the security seems to be one of the major challenges that was achieved by nurturing of the military alliances within the section of the Gulf Cooperation Alliance. There are also has been increased number of threats due the civil war in the neighboring nation of Syria. There is also high level of threats from the Islamic State terrorist activities in the nation of Iran. Meraj et al. (2016), have mentioned about the fact the space sector activity of UAE has been developed with the growing demand of the security issues. The policy within the space program is to develop the economy of the nation and also to bring about diversification in the security programs that will help to deal with all types of threats from the external sources. The security policy will combine with that of the space development program that will be the major support for all types of industries with the economy of UAE (Al-Bolushi 2016). This will help in the path of sustainable development. The space program is also believed to introduce the technological elements within the matters of security. The military group can also get the help the proper instructions that is needed to deal with the national security. It is important for the space agency to implement the policy for the security with the help of proper strategy (Murphy 2006). Methodology This section of the proposal will provide the details about the methods and research design that will be used by the investigator Research Philosophy This is the form of believe that is followed in the matters of collecting data and analyzing the same for making the result of the research. There is the positivism form of research philosophy, where the reality is believed to be stable in the forms of dealing with the matter related with that of the research subject. For the research work of identifying the strategic role of UAE Space Agency in Promoting National Security, it will be effective to use the interpretivism research philosophy. This will help the researchers to make various types of interpretation that is related with that of the subject of the research (Flick 2015). Research Design There are three types of research designs that can be used by the researchers to deal with relevant matters. In case of descriptive research design, the investigators will make use of the detailed data that are available for the research work (Vaioleti 2016). While in case of the exploratory research design, the investigators will deploy the previously used research articles and information for the current work of investigation. This will be used in the current research work to make interpretation about the future security strategies that will be implicated by the UAE government in assistance with that of the space agency program. There is also the descriptive type of research design that will be used by the current investigators. This will help in the matters related to collecting important information about the security protocols. Data Collection Methods There are two types of Data Collection method that are primarily used in all research works. In primary mode of Data Collection the investigators collect the information directly from the sample size in the form of interview or survey. With the help of primary data it is possible to get the latest possible information about the research subject. On the other hand, in case of secondary data information are collected from secondary sources which includes previous investigation work of the same subject (Panneerselvam 2014). For the given research work, for investigating the purpose of space agency program in national security of UAE, both primary and secondary form of data will be used. The primary data will be collected from the interview of the government officials of UAE. Sampling size There are two types of sampling methods that are deployed in a research work. In random or probability sampling method, the researchers select the sample size on random basis. While in case of non-probability sampling, the size of the sample is predetermined. In this case, the researchers focus only upon the predetermined sample size and collect relevant information (Tarone et al. 2013). For the given research work, the researchers will have Predetermined sample size, where interview will be conducted upon 10 government officials of the UAE space agency. Research Strategy The strategy of the research is the methodology and Framework that are being followed by the investigators in order to identify the issue within the research topic. The strategy of the research helps to address the Research question in a systematic way. The current research work will aim to implement effective research strategy, which will be in a form of quantitative and qualitative data analysis. This will help the investigators to highlight upon all the background information related to the space program and national security of UAE. This will also help to ensure that all the statistical information are properly valuated before making proper conclusion. Expected Outcomes The major benefit of the research work will be upon the fact that it will be able to highlight importance of internal security protocols that will be implemented by the UAE government. It will also help to highlight upon the importance of space program that are initiated by the UAE government. There also has been major concern about the huge expenditure that are spent by the UAE government on the space program. As the current research work will be able to highlight upon the importance of internal security and use of Technology using the latest form of Satellite program, it will be possible for the general public to understand the importance of the same. This will also help in the purpose of raising funds for the space programme initiated by the UAE government. As the investigators will analyse the background information of the space program, it will also be possible to evaluate the success of the program in terms of improving the level of internal security. It will also be there for possible to highlight up on all forms of threads that are encountered by UAE from external sources. Timescale The total time for the research is of 36 months Research Stages Month 1-4 Month 5-10 Month 11-15 Month 16-22 Month 23-30 Month 31-33 Month 34-36 Research Topic Selection Data collection from secondary sources Creating Framework Literature review Panning of the research method Selection of the Appropriate Research Strategies Primary data collection from sources Analysis Interpretation of Collected data Findings of the Data Conclusion of the Study Formation of Draft Submission of Final Work Gnatt Chart (Timeline) References Al-Bolushi, M., 2016. The effect of Omani-Iranian relations on the security of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries after the Arab Spring. Contemporary Arab Affairs, 9(3), pp.383-399. Al-Khouri, A.M., Farmer, M. and Qadri, J., 2014. 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